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I'm mother to three adult "children"--two male and one female--and grandmother to two beautiful girls, one born in '95, the other in 2001. My raw food journey began on June 20, 2005. I went 100% headlong into it four days later. I've had a few yearnings over the months that followed but nothing I couldn't cope with, except for one time eight months in. I ate a cooked meal and it convinced me I never should do that again. Until...In 2009, I developed some health issues that were very disturbing. When I went to a naturopath in June, 2010, he put me on cooked fava beans. Those were like the Gateway Drug and I have added other cooked foods. While I now eat cooked food, I still think it's Awesome to be Rawsome.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

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Blogger Arly said...

Hi, I have enjoyed your blog. I'm a 55 year old mom and grandmom. I have been vegan for over 4 years, but can't seem to be able to go raw, despite many tries. This latest, I went 2 days. Then I ate a cooked, vegan pasta meal I prepared for the fam for dinner because the bananas were too green. Always an excuse.If you have time to reply, I'd enjoy hearing from you, if not I'll continue reading your blogs for inspiration.

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